Welcome Home

Our First Welcome Home Party

Mr. Bobby Hill grew up in Panama City, and he resided in a home built by his grandfather. After the hurricane, Bobby and his sister, Brenda, went to assess the damage. They were shocked by the devastation. Hope Panhandle partnered with Bobby over the next few months to rebuild his home. Throughout the past months, numerous volunteers from all over came together to offer assistance in the rebuilding process from start to finish.

We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Bobby Hill moved back home on May 7th!! The dedication of our volunteers, supporters, and staff were crucial in the completion of our first rebuilding project. The celebration of Bobby’s arrival back home left our team inspired. We are inspired to continue to put our best foot forward to create this opportunity for as many individuals as possible. We are hopeful that with our community standing strongly behind us, our rebuilding process is long from over! Thank you for all of your support!!